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Custom Polyester Mesh Moulded Filter Elements For Floor Scrubber

Minimum Order Quantity : 500pcs Price : USD0.70-USD1.50/pcs
Packaging Details : Caron, Polybag Delivery Time : 7-20days
Payment Terms : T/T, L/C, D/P, Western Union, PayPal Supply Ability : 5000pcs/day
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Share Filters
Certification: SGS Model Number: Custom floor scrubber filter

Detail Information

Product Name: Custom Floor Scrubber Filter Polyester Screen Keywords: Custom Floor Scrubber Filter
Support Cage: ABS, PA, PE, PP, Etc. Filter Screen: Pet Mesh, Stainless Steel Mesh, Nylon Mesh
Opening: From 100 μm To 600 μm Process: Mesh Insert Injection Moulding
Application: Floor Scrubbers, Water Pre-filter
High Light:

Polyester Mesh Insert Molding Filters


Polyester Mesh Moulded Filter Elements


Floor Scrubber Moulded Filter Elements

Product Description


Polyester Mesh Moulded Filter Elements For Floor Scrubber Cost Effective


The floor scrubber filter is a component of a floor scrubbing machine that is responsible for capturing and filtering out dirt, debris, and other particles from the water used during the cleaning process. The filter prevents these contaminants from being recirculated onto the floor, ensuring a more thorough and hygienic cleaning.


Share Filters' floor scrubber filter consists of a stainless steel filter mesh held in a polymer ( ABS, PA, PE, PP) by insert injection moulding, allowing for a more robust part giving more reliability and longevity in its usage. This injection moulding processing can take many forms. Thanks to advance processing equipments and more than 20 years of experience, Share Filters is fully capable to help develop and produce the injection moulded filter product that will best suit your needs, as well as, offering any additional advice or service along the way, from tool making to final products.



Technical Data


Product name: Custom floor scrubber filter Support cage material: ABS, PA, PP, PE, etc.

Dirty water filtration

Filter media: Polyester mesh, stainless steel mesh, nylon mesh
Dimension: Customized Miron rating: 70 micron - 500 micron
Process: Mesh insert injection moulding Color: Customize
HS code: 84219910 Package: Plastic bag, master carton


Product Pictures


 water filter Custom Polyester Mesh Moulded Filter Elements For Floor Scrubber 1 moulded mesh filter

 disc filter tubular filter moulded filter



How To Select the Right Filter Mesh?

  • Opening size or the size of the particle you need to filter

  • Mesh material (consider the working condition)

  • Mesh thread diameter, mesh thickness

  • Opening area

Benefits of Injection Moulding Filter

  • Faster assembly time

  • Reduced part size

  • Lower component weight

  • High-volume orders are possible

  • Cost-effective production process



Polyester Filter Mesh Specifications for Floor Scrubber Filter


Mesh count Thread
No. mesh/cm mesh/inch micron micron % micron g/m2
PES 525/92 16S 41 100 525 92 180 36
PES 425/46 16T 41 200 425 46 380 164
PES 405/53 18S 46 150 405 53 260 104
PES 375/46 18T 46 180 375 46 330 150
PES 375/51 19T 48 150 375 51 260 110
PES 420/71 20S 50 80 420 71 140 33
PES 400/64 20S 50 110 400 64 180 51
PES 350/49 20T 50 150 350 49 260 115
PES 325/47 21T 53 150 325 47 270 121
PES 340/67 24S 61 120 340 67 220 88
PES 270/42 24T 61 150 270 42 280 138
PES 250/46 27T 68 120 250 46 230 100
PES 280/62 28S 71 80 280 62 150 46
PES 240/45 28T 71 120 240 45 230 103
PES 225/43 29T 74 120 225 43 230 107
PES 215/42 30T 76 120 215 42 230 111
PES 230/54 32S 80 80 230 54 150 52
PES 210/45 32T 80 100 210 45 180 82
PES 215/53 34S 86 80 215 53 150 56
PES 195/44 34T 86 100 195 44 180 87
PES 180/42 36T 91 100 180 42 180 92
PES 200/61 39S 99 55 200 61 95 30
PES 190/55 39T 99 64 190 55 115 40
PES 150/36 40T 102 100 150 36 190 103
PES 150/42 43T 110 80 150 42 155 71
PES 160/57 47S 120 55 160 57 96 36
PES 150/50 47T 120 64 150 50 120 48
PES 140/43 47HD 120 71 140 43 130 59
PES 140/47 49S 125 64 140 47 120 50
PES 135/44 49T 125 71 135 44 130 62
PES 144/55 53S 135 45 144 55 76 27
PES 135/51 53S 135 55 135 51 97 40
PES 125/44 53T 135 64 125 44 122 54
PES 117/39 53T 135 71 117 39 132 67
PES 115/46 59S 150 55 115 46 99 45
PES 105/38 59T 150 64 105 38 123 61
PES 100/41 64S 160 55 100 41 100 48


This just a part of specifications which common used.

Mesh Specification Values


  • Mesh count: number of pores per cm/ inch


  • Thread diameter: is measured on the thread before weaving(μm)


  • Mesh opening: distance between threads(μm)


  • Open area: open area percentage (%)


 Custom Polyester Mesh Moulded Filter Elements For Floor Scrubber 6




An OEM Mesh Insert Molded Filters Manufacture From China

As a filter meshes and filters manufacture, Share Filters always find the best solution is to work with our OEM customers to collaborate on their mesh filtration product development projects before the final design prints are completed. Our experienced engineers are able to not only to meet your functional requirements, but also to recommend design alterations to improve performance and manufacturability. We will concentrate on the following:


Consider Area



Filtration Media
Custom Polyester Mesh Moulded Filter Elements For Floor Scrubber 7 Select right material, weave, pore, thread diam, heat treatment, coatings Media selected meets the required performance

Component Design
Custom Polyester Mesh Moulded Filter Elements For Floor Scrubber 8 Consider supporting media, housing, end caps The filtration components can perform well in working condition

Manufacturing Process
Custom Polyester Mesh Moulded Filter Elements For Floor Scrubber 9 Design lends itself to easy manufacture and economic cost? Produced at low cost of manufacture and high efficiency

Quality Control
Custom Polyester Mesh Moulded Filter Elements For Floor Scrubber 10 Determine parameters and frequency of measurement High quality, precision filter components



Other Example of Moulded Filters


 proofer cup Custom Polyester Mesh Moulded Filter Elements For Floor Scrubber 12  tubular filter  Custom Polyester Mesh Moulded Filter Elements For Floor Scrubber 14  



What Share Filters Do?


Share Filters specializes in helping our customers design and manufacture high quality mesh filter components to around the world. As a supplier combining the filter mesh manufacturing and filter mesh processing according to custom-made design, we are flexible enough to adapt to our customers’ production and delivery needs. Our advanced manufacturing processes and scientific machines allow us to create filtration products in any shape or structure – from simple components like mesh pieces to complex devices like custom combination plastic moulded filters. Filter mesh ribbons, shapes, tube, bags, Injection-moulded filters and similar products of various shapes, sizes and fine meshes are our primary business.


We're the supplier who have experience with synthetic filter meshes and are able to use them with plastic moulding in good conditions. The molding technique requires special tools and above all a great deal of know-how. We make serial injection moulding tools, assembly preparations and procedures ourselves. Filters and parts are produced, assembled, quality controlled and packed.


Custom Polyester Mesh Moulded Filter Elements For Floor Scrubber 15


Factory Capabilities


weaving filter mesh

Precision Woven Filter Mesh in Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene,


Selecting the high-quality monofilament thread, Share weaves filter mesh with Sulzer P7100 looms. The width of  filter mesh rolls can be in 100cm, 127cm, 150cm, 165cm, 170cm, 365cm or other custom width. Length of roll can be 30m, 50m, 70m, or custom length. Mesh openings can vary from 3 micron to 4400 microns, giving these mesh filter fabrics the versatility to be used in many different liquid-solid separation processes.



Filter Mesh Slitted in Narrow Ribbons


Mesh ribbons are often the basis for various further processing steps in numerous manufacturing processes for piece, tubes and bags. A wide range of hot and ultrasonic cutting equipments enables the versatile production of ribbons from Share Filters. Share Filters ribbons are used in a multitude of applications such as automotive filters, appliances filters, industrial filters, electronic devices, healthcare. 

      Filter mesh slitted to be ribbons



Custom Polyester Mesh Moulded Filter Elements For Floor Scrubber 18

Filter Mesh Pre Cut Pieces and Shapes


Share Filters cutting method include Laser cutting, Cold cutting, Heat cutting, Punching. Professional cutting using custom-made tools that will not damage the meshes. Laser cutting allows for elaborate shapes to be cut that are specific to the customer’s design needs. Laser cutting technology convinces mainly with smaller and medium quantities.




 Filter Mesh Tubes and Tubular Ribbon


Share Filters offers to produce and deliver filter mesh tube parts cut to length ready for further processing. Depending on the required edge quality, different fabrication methods are available such as laser, heat , sonic or cold sectioning. With our heat and ultrasonic cutting technologies, we can create tubes equipped with one or two functional seams, which provide the necessary seam strength. These pre cut tubes are convenient for injection moulding. The ultrasonic welded tubes with one overlapping weld has more strength.

nylon filter mesh weld tube ribbon   


mesh filter bag

Custom Filter Mesh Bag by Welding and Sewing


Share Filters has the capacity to manufacture mesh filter bags by welding or sewing according to custom's design. Our full range of filter media (nylon, polyester, polypropylene) can be manufactured into bags of almost in any requested dimensions and shape. If the media is already kept in stock, we can have a quick turnaround time and can fulfil most customised orders within 7- 15 working days.



Standard Filter Bags

Share Filters produces and provides high quality liquid filter bags to fit standard size filter housing, as well as custom designed bags where requested. The constituent materials have been chosen for their purity, with consistent high quality and repeatable performance.

Top design: plastic collar, metallic ring

Filter media: filter mesh, felt

    mesh filter bag


custom mesh insert injection moulded filter

Mesh Insert Injection Moulded Filters


Our injection moulded filters products consist of a filter mesh held in a plastic frame. Injection moulding will drop hot plastic in a custom made mould with a synthetic or metallic mesh inside. Once cooled and solid, it can produce a very robust and reliable part or product that can be used for filters or screens. 


Filtration devices with integrated mesh inserts are an effective way to keep out unwanted pollutants and contaminants. We’re a trusted manufacture of precision injection-moulded plastic parts with mesh filters for critical practices.



Application of Share Filters Products


Our customer base comes from a wide variety of industries including – Automotive, Home appliances, Food and beverage, Milling, Medical, Life Science and laboratory, Electronical as well as more general engineering, giving us a wealth of experience in many areas.


Automotive Laboratory Healthcare Appliance Beverage Agriculture
Custom Polyester Mesh Moulded Filter Elements For Floor Scrubber 23 Custom Polyester Mesh Moulded Filter Elements For Floor Scrubber 24 Transfusion filter Custom Polyester Mesh Moulded Filter Elements For Floor Scrubber 26 Custom Polyester Mesh Moulded Filter Elements For Floor Scrubber 27 water strainer

Fuel filter

Biopsy bag

Blood filter

Dryer filter

Coffee filter

Water strainer



Contact Us


Share Filters provides some information for filter mesh possible applications, but there are too many functions for comprehensive descriptions of possible uses. Therefore, when considering a potential application in your particular industry, please consider contacting us who will work with engineers and product designers in choosing the right material and processing for your specific projects.

Please connect with us now so we can learn more about your application and design specifications!


Photos of Factory

Share Filter workshops
Warping Weaving Inspection
Custom Polyester Mesh Moulded Filter Elements For Floor Scrubber 30
Whashing Heat setting Injection moulding





Are You Factory or Trade Company ?

We're factory, and manufacture our products in-house.


Where Is Your factory Located? How Can I Get There?
We are in Tiantai city, Zhejiang province China. By train, one hour away from Hangzhou and two hours away from Shanghai.


Can I Get Free Samples ?
We are pleased to provide you with free samples for testing, just the freight will be at your account.


When Can I Get the Quotation ?
Normally we can offer the quotation within 48 hours.


What's Your Payment Term ?

T/T and LC and more. 


What's the Lead Time of the Order?
The production lead time is dependent on the quantity. It takes 5 to 20 working days for us to complete mass production after receive the payment.


What About Your Quality Control?
By visual inspection, optical or pressure sensitive equipment and automated 3D image-inspection equipment, our production operators conduct self-inspections at every stage of the process, from the raw material to finshed products. Additionally, we have spot inspections and final inspections carried out by our QC team.


Why Choose You ?
One of our core competencies is our excellent processing capabilities, convert the woven filter mesh to mesh ribbons, discs, shapes, tubes, bags, plastic moulded filters, with advanced equipments and professional technical team for more than 20 years. We're the few supplier who have experience with synthetic filter meshes and are able to use them with plastic moulding in good conditions.


How To Delivery the Order?

Small batch is sent by UPS, Fedex, TNT, DHL, EMS, ect, high volume will be shipped by sea and air.

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