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Inlet Fuel Top Feed Injector Micro Filter Basket Size 6×3×10mm

Minimum Order Quantity : 200pcs Price : USD0.060-USD1.50/pc
Packaging Details : Caron, Polybag Delivery Time : 7-20 days
Payment Terms : T/T, L/C, D/P, Western Union, PayPay Supply Ability : 10000pcs/day
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Share Filters
Certification: SGS, RoHS Model Number: Injector Basket Fuel Filter 6×3×10mm

Detail Information

Product Name: Fuel Injector Filter Basket 6×3×10mm Keywords: Fuel Injector Micro Filter
Frame Material: PA, PE, PP, ABS, Brass, Etc. Filter Media: Nylon Mesh, PET Mesh, PP Mesh, Metallic Mesh
Micron Rating: 8μm-300μm Size: A Wide Range Of Sizes And Models Available
High Light:

Fuel Injector Insert Molding Filters


Top Feed Injector Micro Filter Basket


Inlet Fuel Filter Basket

Product Description


Inlet Fuel Top Feed Injector Micro Filter Basket Size 6×3×10mm


The fuel injector filter is a component in fuel injection systems of internal combustion engines. Its function is to prevent contaminants and debris from entering the fuel injector and clogging it. The injector filter is typically a small mesh screen or filter element that is situated at the inlet of the fuel injector. Share Filters injector filter protects the injection valves from damage and malfunction and ensures reliable operation of the injection system. Fine woven fabrics and a clamping ring ensure reliable particle protection and optimum fixation.


Share Filters' injector filters consist of a nylon or polyester filter mesh held in a polymer or brass frame by insert moulding, allowing for a more robust part giving more reliability and longevity in its usage. This injection moulding processing can take many forms and Share Filters is fully capable to help develop and produce the injection moulded filter product that will best suit your needs, as well as, offering any additional advice or service along the way.


Share Filtes Injector Filters Materials Options


Inlet Fuel Top Feed Injector Micro Filter Basket Size 6×3×10mm 0 Support rim material PA6, PA66, PET, PP, ABS, brass, and other High-Performance Thermoplastics
Filter media Nylon mesh, polyester mesh, PP mesh, metallic mesh
Micron rating 8μm - 500μm
plastic Mesh parts fabrication Laser cutting, sonic cutting, sonic stamping
Process Injection moulding
Specification ø6*7, 6*10, 6*12, 6*14, 5.5*8.5mm, ect.
Colour Custom


Product Details

Inlet Fuel Top Feed Injector Micro Filter Basket Size 6×3×10mm 2       Inlet Fuel Top Feed Injector Micro Filter Basket Size 6×3×10mm 3

injector filter


The Feature of Share Filters Fuel Injector Filters

  • Filter media in PA, PE, and stainless steel to offer different flow capacities according to the specifications required
  • Filter macron rating range between 8 and 300 micron
  • High filter surface, even in extremely small volumes, respecting the specifications or increasing the performance
  • Quality and experience acquired in the sector enable innovative solutions


Other Fuel Injector Filters

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Properties of Polymer

Material PA6 PA66 PET PP PEEK
Specific gravity (g/mm²) 1.14 1.14 1.38 0.91 1.30
Tensile strength(daN/mm²) 41-67 41-67 45-75 35-62 33-75
Relative strength at wet conditions(%) 89-90 85-90 100 100 100
Elongation at break (%) 20-35 20-35 15-30 20-50 20-40
Moisture absorption at 20°C / 65% r.h. (%) 3.5-4 3.5-4 0.4 0 0.1
Melting point (°C) 210-220 260-268 250-260 165-175 334
Softening point (°C) - - 220-240 140-155 300
Working temperature dry (°C) - - -75 to +150 -30 to +90 up to 250
Stability to light poor poor poor poor good
Atmospheric influence - - none none none
Abrasion resistance good good limited limited good
Acid resistance limited-poor limited-poor good good good
Alkaline resistance good good limited good good
Stability to solvents limited limited good good good
Hydrolysis resistance good good limited good good


How To Select The Right Filter Mesh? You Can Follow These Points

  • Pore size or the size of the particle you need to filter
  • Mesh material (consider the working condition)
  • Mesh thread diameter, mesh thickness
  • Opening area
Inlet Fuel Top Feed Injector Micro Filter Basket Size 6×3×10mm 9


PA(nylon) Filter Mesh Specification

Ref. No. Mesh Count Thread Diam. Mesh Opening Opening Area
  mesh/cm mesh/inch µm µm %
JPP12 12 30 250 583 49
JPP12 12 30 300 533 41
JPP14 14 35 300 414 34
JPP16 16 40 200 425 46
JPP16 16 40 250 375 36
JPP20 20 50 150 350 49
JPP20 20 50 200 300 36
JPP24 24 60 150 267 41
JPP28 28 70 120 237 44
JPP30 30 76 120 213 41
JPP32 32 80 100 213 46
JPP36 36 90 100 178 41
JPP40 40 100 100 150 36
JPP43 43 110 80 152 43
JPP48 48 120 80 130 38
JPP56 56 140 60 120 44
JPP59 59 150 60 110 42
JPP64 64 160 60 100 37
JPP72 72 180 50 90 41
JPP80 80 200 50 75 36
JPP100 100 250 40 60 36
JPP120 120 305 40 43 25
JPP130 130 330 40 37 23
JPP140 140 355 30 38 33.7
JPP150 150 381 30 34 30.25
JPP165 165 420 30 28 20.7
JPP180 180 460 30 25 19.5
JPP200 200 510 30 20 10.2

This data sheet just include our common specification, please contact us if you have other custom specification


About Us

Share Filters has over 20 years of experience developing and manufacturing filter mesh and solutions for our customer's screen and filtration needs. Our monofilament filter mesh includes nylon mesh, polyester mesh, polypropylene mesh, stainless steel mesh. Thanks to the advanced processing equipments and extensive experience, Share Filters has the capability to convert these filter media into all kinds of mesh shapes, discs, ribbons, tubes, bags and plastic moulded filters.


Many of our custom filter products are moulded from mesh and plastic, utilizing our insert injection molding or pot molding capabilities. These processes allow for flexibility in design and material selection. They also offer significant advantages in cost and ease of manufacture over other potential solutions.


Factory Capabilities

filter mesh weaving filter mesh slitting filter mesh cutting shapes
Share Filter synthetic meshes can be made from a variety of materials such as polyamide, polyester, polypropylene, etc. You can order by the roll or cut shape. Slitting is also used for manufacturing mesh strips and produces a closed edge with very little material build up at the edge. Our cutting method include Laser cutting, Cold cutting, Heatt cutting, punching. Professional cutting using custom made tools that will not damage the materials.
welded filter mesh tube, bag sewn filter mesh bags mesh insert injection moulded filters
Sonic cutting and welding are accurate, clean. Precision sleeves and bags for blood filtration, rosin bag for rosin press are examples of applications that benefit from this technology. Share Filters sewing products are carried out by highly skilled and experienced machinists, which ensure you get the right level of consistent quality. Custom plastic moulded filter combine precise filter mesh with polymer plastic. Industry serve: Automotive, Appliances, Food and beverage, Medical, Life Science and Laboratory.


Share Filters Products Applications

automotive filter appliance filter Inlet Fuel Top Feed Injector Micro Filter Basket Size 6×3×10mm 18 Inlet Fuel Top Feed Injector Micro Filter Basket Size 6×3×10mm 19 Inlet Fuel Top Feed Injector Micro Filter Basket Size 6×3×10mm 20
Automotive Appliance Health care Food & Beverage Chemical


Contact Us

Share Filters provides some information for filter mesh possible applications, but there are too many functions for comprehensive descriptions of possible uses. Therefore, when considering a potential application in your particular industry, please consider contacting us who will work with engineers and product designers in choosing the right material and process for your specific projects.


Packing and Transportation

Share Filters products packing

Inlet Fuel Top Feed Injector Micro Filter Basket Size 6×3×10mm 22


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