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Polyester Mesh Filter For Aspirator Osseous Coagulum Trap (OCT) Dental Supplies

Minimum Order Quantity : 1000pcs Price : USD0.05-USD1.50/pc
Packaging Details : Caron, Polybag Delivery Time : 7-20 days
Payment Terms : T/T, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram, PayPal Supply Ability : 10000pcs/day
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Share Filters
Certification: SGS Model Number: Filter For Aspirator Osseous Coagulum Trap

Detail Information

Product Name: Filter For Aspirator Osseous Coagulum Trap Keyword: OCT Filter
Rim Material: PA, PP, PET, PC, Etc. Filter Media: Polyester Mesh, Nylon Mesh, PP Mesh
Micron Rating: 200μm-600μm Colour: White, Black, Customised
High Light:

Dental Supplies Polyester Mesh Filter


Aspirator Osseous Coagulum Trap Mesh Filter

Product Description


Polyester Mesh Filter For Aspirator Osseous Coagulum Trap (OCT) Dental Supplies


This filter used to trap or collect osseous coagulum during an aspiration process. In dental procedures, an aspirator is a device used to remove fluids, debris, or other substances from a specific area, such as a surgical site.


Share Filters' custom aspirator OCT filter combines the nylon or polyester filter mesh with thermoplastic by the process of mesh insert injection moulding, allowing for a more robust part giving more reliability and longevity in its use. Injection moulding can take many forms and Share Filters is fully capable to help develop and produce the injection moulded filter products according your drawing that will best suit your needs, as well as, offering any additional advice or service along the way.



Share Filters Aspirator OCT Filter Material Options


Polyester Mesh Filter For Aspirator Osseous Coagulum Trap (OCT) Dental Supplies 0 Support rim material PA, PET, PP, PC, PE, etc.
Filter media Nylon mesh, polyester mesh, PP mesh
Micron rating 200μm - 600μm
plastic Mesh parts fabrication Laser cutting, sonic cutting, sonic welding, heat welding
Process Mesh insert injection moulding
Specification Custom
Colour Custom















cheese filter

aspirator OCT filter



Polyester Filter Mesh Specification For Aspirator OCT Filter


Mest count Thread
No. mesh/cm mesh/inch micron micron % micron g/m2
PES 680/67 12 30 150 680 67 260 69
PES 580/48 12 30 250 580 48 460 192
PES 530/40 12T 30 300 530 40 580 277
PES 515/52 14S 36 200 515 52 360 143
PES 470/50 15S 38 200 470 50 380 154
PES 420/40 15T 38 250 420 40 470 240
PES 525/92 16S 41 100 525 92 180 36
PES 425/46 16T 41 200 425 46 380 164
PES 405/53 18S 46 150 405 53 260 104
PES 375/46 18T 46 180 375 46 330 150
PES 375/51 19T 48 150 375 51 260 110
PES 420/71 20S 50 80 420 71 140 33
PES 400/64 20S 50 110 400 64 180 51
PES 350/49 20T 50 150 350 49 260 115
PES 325/47 21T 53 150 325 47 270 121
PES 340/67 24S 61 120 340 67 220 88
PES 270/42 24T 61 150 270 42 280 138
PES 250/46 27T 68 120 250 46 230 100
PES 280/62 28S 71 80 280 62 150 46
PES 240/45 28T 71 120 240 45 230 103
PES 225/43 29T 74 120 225 43 230 107
PES 215/42 30T 76 120 215 42 230 111
PES 230/54 32S 80 80 230 54 150 52
PES 210/45 32T 80 100 210 45 180 82
PES 215/53 34S 86 80 215 53 150 56
PES 195/44 34T 86 100 195 44 180 87


How To Select The Right Filter Mesh?

You can follow these points.

  • Mesh size or the size of the particle you need to filter
  • Mesh material (consider the working condition)
  • Mesh thread diameter, mesh thickness
  • Opening area

Custom Filter Elements in Mesh Filter Fabric

At Share Filters, we can customize our filter elements through three main processes :
  • Cutting: in all possible shapes with closed edge by laser cutting .
  • Assembly on a support: the mesh filter that has been previously cut is then assembled by ultrasonic welding on a flexible, semi-rigid or rigid support.
  • Filter molding: the filter mesh is molded by injection molding.


Share Filters OEM Plastic Moulded Filters 

mesh shape Polyester Mesh Filter For Aspirator Osseous Coagulum Trap (OCT) Dental Supplies 5 inline filter coffee filter 



Why Work With Share Filters ?


Share Filters specializes in helping our customers design and manufacture high quality mesh filter components to around the world. As a supplier combining the woven filter mesh manufacturing and mesh processing according to custom-made design, we are flexible enough to adapt to our customers’ production and delivery needs. Our advanced manufacturing processes and scientific machines allow us to create filtration products in any shape or configuration – from simple, traditional components like mesh shapes to highly complex devices like custom plastic filters.


Our customers typically work in the fields of food technology, motor equipment, water treatment, healthcare, semiconductor technology, automotive, medicine and pharmaceuticals. We also supply institutes, laboratory facilities or private end custom


There are many ways to make a filtration product. Share Filter Can Offer the Sythetic Filter Mesh in Different Types to meet customs' different demands.


Filter Mesh in Rolls

filter mesh in rolls

The width of nylon filter mesh rolls can be in 100cm, 127cm, 150cm, 160cm, 175cm, 183cm, 365cm or other custom width.

Length can be 30m, 50m, 70m, or other custom length.



Filter Mesh in Narrow Strips

filter mesh ribbon

Share Filters slitting is also used for manufacturing fabric strips and produces a closed edge with very little material build up at the edge.



Filter Mesh in Cutted Shapes.

filter mesh shapes, discs

Our cutting method include Laser cutting, Cold cutting, Hot cutting, Slitting, Punching. Professional cutting using custom made tools that will not damage the materials.



Filter Mesh In Tubes

Polyester Mesh Filter For Aspirator Osseous Coagulum Trap (OCT) Dental Supplies 11 Polyester Mesh Filter For Aspirator Osseous Coagulum Trap (OCT) Dental Supplies 12

Sonic welding are accurate, clean. Lapping welding strength to some degree.



Custom Filter Mesh Bags

Polyester Mesh Filter For Aspirator Osseous Coagulum Trap (OCT) Dental Supplies 13 Polyester Mesh Filter For Aspirator Osseous Coagulum Trap (OCT) Dental Supplies 14

Share Filters has standard filter bags with galvanized steel or plastic rings, which are sewn or welded, made of regenerable monofilament filter cloth from 3 micron to 2000 microns or felt from 0.5 microns to 200 microns.



Mesh Insert Plastic Injection Molded Filters

Share Filters plastic moulded filters

Injection moulding can provide a part or product that carries a more complex shape for more specific functionality, as well as, still being cost-effective and able to be produced in larger numbers consistently and within a deadline.



Photos of Share Filters Workshops

Share Filters workshops


If you want a mesh insert filters manufacturing partner capable of providing you with the experience support system, look no further than Taizhou Share Filters Co., Ltd.



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