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Nylon Filter Mesh Welded Tube Cone For Domestic Water Purifier Filter

Minimum Order Quantity : 1000pcs Price : USD0.04-USD1.00/pc
Packaging Details : Caron, Polybag Delivery Time : 3-9 days
Payment Terms : T/T, L/C, D/P, Western Union, PayPay Supply Ability : 20000pcs/day
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Share Filters
Certification: Rohs Model Number: Water Purifier Filter Nylon Mesh Tube

Detail Information

Product Name: Nylon Mesh Tube Water Purifier Filter Keywords: Water Purifier Filter Nylon Mesh Tube
Material Option: Nylon Filter Mesh, Polyester Filter Mesh Micron Rating: 20μm-500μm
Fabricated Method: Sonic Welding, Punching Size: Any Custom Size Or Shapes
Application: Domestic Water Purifier Filter, Other Device Filter
High Light:

Fabricated Water Purifier Filter Cone


Nylon Filter Mesh Welded Tube Cone


Welded Tube Filter Cone

Product Description


Nylon Filter Mesh Welded Tube Cone for Domestic Water Purifier Filter​


The domestic water purifier filter is a device used to improve the quality of drinking water in homes or small-scale residential settings. It is designed to remove impurities, contaminants, and potentially harmful substances from tap water, making it safer and healthier for consumption. Nylon filter mesh and polyester filter mesh are good options for the pre filtration.


Converting To Be Mesh Strips, Pieces, Rings, Tubes, Moulded Filter


Nylon filter mesh is the most popular and economical synthetic filtration mesh, and it's safe for food contact. Share weaves nylon filter mesh with Sulzer P7100 looms. More than 20 years of production experience enables us to weave nylon filter mesh with precise and uniform mesh holes. Share Filters not only offers a wide range of specifications of nylon filter mesh in rolls, we also process the filter mesh into all kinds of filter components.


Thanks to the advanced process equipments and many years of experience, Share Filters' filter mesh pieces and tubes can be tailored to any shape or dimension. Laser cutting allows for elaborate shapes to be cut that are specific to the customer’s design needs. Share Filters has the competence to manufacture tubes and rings either by heat slitting or by ultrasonic welding. For even better filter performance a combination of support and filter fabrics are possible. By slitting two layers of mesh simultaneously, the heat emitting from the slitting facility will weld both sides together creating a tube. These are suitable for mesh insert injection moulding and simple and cheap in production. For higher weld strength, we recommend ultrasonic welded tubes having one overlapping weld.  



Share Filters' Filter Mesh Options for Domestic Water Purifier Filter​


Material Options: Monofilament woven nylon filter mesh, polyester filter mesh
Mesh Opening: From 20 micron to 500 micron
Thread Diameter: From 80 micron to 500 micron
Mesh Count: From 30 mesh to 508 mesh
Weave Type: Plain weave
Fabricated Part: Sheets, pieces, strips, tubes, discs, shapes, ribbons
Dimension: Can be tailored to any shape or dimension
Colour: White, or customize



Product Details


Share Filters can supply mesh filter parts in different stages, from the mesh in rolls to final moulded filters.


nylon filter mesh ribbon Slitted filter mesh ribbon
Nylon Filter Mesh Welded Tube Cone For Domestic Water Purifier Filter 1 Cutted pieces, welded tubes, convenient for injection moulding
water purifier filter Injection moulded filter



Benefits from Precut Nylon Mesh Tubes:

  • Specific to the customer’s design needs
  • Wide range of micron rating and thread diameter options
  • Non-fraying and clean edges(depends on the technology)
  • Convenient for insert moulding
  • High productivity

The Property of Nylon Filter Mesh:

  • High tensile strength and cost-effective
  • Precise and even mesh opening
  • Elasticity and flexibility
  • Good resistance to alkline
  • FDA grade material
  • Easy cutting, dyeing, and cleaning



Nylon Filter Mesh Specifications for Domestic Water Purifier Filter​


Mesh count Thread
No. mesh/cm mesh/inch micron micron % micron g/m2
JPP12 12 30 300 533 41 585 234
JPP14 14 35 300 414 34 595 273
JPP16 16 40 200 425 46 370 139
JPP16 16 40 250 375 36 485 217
JPP20 20 50 150 350 49 375 98
JPP20 20 50 200 300 36 385 173
JPP24 24 60 150 267 41 285 117
JPP28 28 70 120 237 44 215 87
JPP30 30 76 120 213 41 225 94
JPP32 32 80 100 213 46 165 69
JPP36 36 90 100 178 41 178 78
JPP40 40 100 100 150 36 190 87
JPP43 43 110 80 152 43 135 60
JPP48 48 120 80 130 38 145 62
JPP56 56 140 60 120 44 85 44
JPP59 59 150 60 110 42 98 46
JPP64 64 160 60 100 37 105 50
JPP72 72 180 50 90 41 82 39
JPP80 80 200 50 75 36 90 43
JPP100 100 250 42 60 36 65 35
JPP120 120 305 30 55 42 52 20
JPP120 120 305 35 45 29 60 28
JPP120 120 305 38 42 25 67 35
JPP120 120 305 42 42 25 75 42
JPP130 130 330 30 47 37 55 22
JPP130 130 330 35 42 30 62 30
JPP130 130 330 38 40 26 74 36
JPP140 140 355 30 38 28 53 25
JPP140 140 355 35 37 26 65 33
JPP140 140 355 38 32 20 68 36
JPP145 145 368 38 30 19 64 40
JPP150 150 380 30 34 26 50 26
JPP150 150 380 38 31 21 68 40
JPP165 165 420 30 30 25 59 28
JPP165 165 420 38 25 15 75 42
JPP180 180 460 30 25 21 60 31
JPP200 200 508 30 20 16 65 34

This just a part of specifications which common used.


 Nylon Filter Mesh Welded Tube Cone For Domestic Water Purifier Filter 3

Mesh count (n/cm), (n/in)

The mesh count stands for the number of openings per inch.


Mesh opening (w), (μm)

The mesh opening w is the distance between two adjacent warp or weft thread.


Thread diameter (d),( μm)

The thread diameter is measured on the thread before weaving.


Open area (%)

The percentage of the open are is the sum of all mesh openings as percentage of the total fabric area



Share Filters Other Fabricated Filter Mesh Parts


filter mesh ribbon nylon filter mesh discs Nylon Filter Mesh Welded Tube Cone For Domestic Water Purifier Filter 6 polyester mesh tube nylon biopsy bag
Slitted mesh ribbon Mesh Disc Mesh Shape Mesh tube Welded bag



Why Work With Share Filters ?

Share Filters specializes in helping our customers design and manufacture high quality mesh filter components to around the world. As a supplier combining the filter mesh manufacturing and filter mesh processing according to custom-made design, we are flexible enough to adapt to our customers’ production and delivery needs. Our advanced manufacturing processes and scientific machines allow us to create filtration products in any shape or structure – from simple components like mesh pieces to complex devices like custom combination plastic moulded filters. Filter mesh shapes, bags, Injection-moulded filters and similar products of various shapes, sizes and filter meshes are our primary business.


We're the suppliers who have experience with synthetic filter meshes and are able to use them with plastic moulding in good conditions. The molding technique requires special tools and above all a great deal of know-how. We make serial injection moulding tools, assembly preparations and procedures ourselves. Filters and parts are produced, assembled, quality controlled and packed.


filter mesh weaving

Precise Filter Mesh Weaving


The width of filter mesh rolls can be in 100cm, 127cm, 150cm, 165cm, 175cm, 183cm, 365cm or other custom width. Length of roll can be 30m, 50m, 70m, or other custom length.



Filter Mesh Slitted in Narrow Ribbons


Share Filters ribbons are used in a multitude of applications such as automotive filters, appliances filters, industrial filters, electronic devices, healthcare. Ribbons are often the basis for various further processing steps in numerous manufacturing processes for piece, tubes and bags. Advanced heat and ultrasonic slitting and cutting equipment enables the production of various kind of mesh ribbons with clean edges.

      Filter mesh slitted to be ribbons



Nylon Filter Mesh Welded Tube Cone For Domestic Water Purifier Filter 11

Filter Mesh Pre-Cut Pieces and Shapes

Share Filters cutting method include Laser cutting, Cold cutting, Heat cutting, Punching. Professional cutting using custom-made tools that will not damage the meshes. Laser cutting allows for elaborate shapes to be cut that are specific to the customer’s design needs.



Cutting and Welding Tubes


Share Filters has the competence to manufacture tubes either by heat slitting or by ultrasonic welding. The tubes are equipped with one or two functional seams according to the requirement, which provide the necessary seam strength. The ultrasonic welded tubes have one overlapping weld with more strength. 

   Nylon Filter Mesh Welded Tube Cone For Domestic Water Purifier Filter 12


Ultrasonic Welded Mesh Bag Sewn Mesh Bag

Nylon Filter Mesh Welded Tube Cone For Domestic Water Purifier Filter 13

sewn filter mesh bag



Standard Filter Bags

Share Filters produces and provides high quality liquid filter bags to fit standard size filter housing, as well as custom designed bags where requested. The constituent materials have been chosen for their purity, with consistent high quality and repeatable performance.

Top design: plastic collar, metallic ring

      Nylon Filter Mesh Welded Tube Cone For Domestic Water Purifier Filter 15


Mesh insert plastic moulded filter

Mesh Insert Injection Moulded Plastic Filters


Our injection moulded filters products consist of a filter mesh held in a plastic frame. Injection moulding will drop hot plastic in a custom made mould with a synthetic or metallic mesh inside. Once cooled and solid, it can produce a very robust and reliable part or product that can be used for filters or screens.


Application of Share Filters Products


Our customer base comes from a wide variety of industries including – Automotive, Home appliances, Food and beverage, Milling, Medical, Life Science and laboratory, Electronical as well as more general engineering, giving us a wealth of experience in many areas.


injector filter BIOPSY BAG Nylon Filter Mesh Welded Tube Cone For Domestic Water Purifier Filter 19 coffee filter Nylon Filter Mesh Welded Tube Cone For Domestic Water Purifier Filter 21 MESH DISC FILTER
Fuel filter Biopsy bag Air purifier filter Coffee filter  Irrigation filter Mesh disc filter
Automotive Laboratory Appliance Food & Beverage Agriculture Power tool



Contact Us


Share Filters provides some information for filter mesh possible applications, but there are too many functions for comprehensive descriptions of possible uses. Therefore, when considering a potential application in your particular industry, please consider contacting us who will work with engineers and product designers in choosing the right material and process for your specific projects.

Please connect with us now so we can learn more about your application and design specifications!


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