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400um Micron-rated Polyamide Woven Filter Meshes for Liquid Filtration with even mesh opening

Minimum Order Quantity : 100 Packaging Details : carton
Delivery Time : 3-30 Supply Ability : 1000000
Place of Origin: CHINA Brand Name: SHARE
Certification: SGS Model Number: JPP18T-150um

Detail Information

Material: Mono-filament Polyamide 6 Yarn Mesh Count: JPP18T-150um
Weave Type: Plain Weave Opening: Square Hole At 400um
Width: 100cm, 160cm, 180cm---360cm Application: Food Filtration, Beverage, Liquid Filtration
Open Area: 53.05% Name: 400 Micron Mesh Bag
High Light:

nylon monofilament mesh


nylon monofilament mesh fabric

Product Description

400 Micron Plain Woven Nylon Woven Filter Mesh with High Strength and Good Abrasion

Item: Monofilament Polyamide Filter Mesh

Mesh Count: JPP18T-150um (18tpi stands for 18threads per inch)

Thread Diameter: 150um

Mesh Opening/Micron Rating: 400um

Introduction of Woven Wire Mesh
Filter mesh is metal or plastic woven wire/strand which stops particles larger than hole from passing through the square holes of mesh/opening, filtration is considered to be a surface filtration because particles are captured on the surface of the mesh/cloth

What Surface Filtration can do
1. Can stop particles from passing through the holes of mesh

2. Particles captured on the surface of the mesh can be easily cleaned by vibration or washing.

Nylon Filter Mesh is made of monofilament PA6 or PA66 yarn/thread (1:1 weaving method, plain weave), which is ideal for straining, sieving or filtering most liquids, powders or sludges; The term ‘Monofilament’ means that each thread used in the construction of the cloth is a single smooth solid strand instead of many smaller diameter threads twisted together, as in a spun or multifilament material. These monofilament threads are perfectly round in section and are extruded to very precise and uniform diameters.

Their advantages are:
a) due to their uniformity they can be woven with great precision to give exact and regular apertures,
b) the resulting material has a very smooth surface so that the filtered particles will easily separate from it,
c) they have great strength and elasticity.

After weaving, our fabrics undergo a finishing process to add the properties required for specific applications. During the finishing process, the fabric is scoured to remove any foreign substances and the yarns are then stabilised within the weave in order to eliminate shrinkage by a process known as ‘heat setting’.

Monofilament Nylon 6 or Nylon 6.6 Filter Mesh
Monofilament Nylon is a versatile material due to its great strength, flexibility, long life and resistance to abrasion. Nylon has excellent resistance to most common solvents and will operate continuously at temperatures up to 100°C in the chemical pH range 7-14.

1. Collection of Cells and Algae
2. Particle Analysis
3. Large Particulate Filtration
4. Background Filter for automated particle imaging system
5. Pre-filtration of Solvents
6. Paint Monitoring
7. Medical Filtration (Blood Filtration)

Fabricated Mesh Filter Parts SHARE can supply and offer

1. Hot or Cold Cut Mesh Parts (in different shapes)
2. Heat-sealed Mesh Filter Bags
3. Welded Filter Tubes
4. Stamping Mesh Filter Elements

Anatomy of Woven Mesh

1. Mesh: Designates the number of openings per inch (25.4mm)
2. Designates the measurement of the clear open space between parallel adjacent wires.
Opening Size=25.4 mm÷Mesh Count−Wire Diameter
Pitch=Opening Size+Wire Diameter; or 25.4mm÷Mesh Count
Open Area %=(Opening Size)2÷(Opening Size+Wire Diameter)2×100
3. Designates the diameter of wire before weaving. With a same mesh count, when the wire diameter is different, the opening size and open area are significantly changed.

400um Micron-rated Polyamide Woven Filter Meshes for Liquid Filtration with even mesh opening 0

400um Micron-rated Polyamide Woven Filter Meshes for Liquid Filtration with even mesh opening 1

400um Micron-rated Polyamide Woven Filter Meshes for Liquid Filtration with even mesh opening 2

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