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Abrasion Resistant Nylon Filter Mesh For Powder Filtration In Food Industry

Minimum Order Quantity : 50m Price : USD0.20-USD3.50/meter
Packaging Details : Caron, Polybag Delivery Time : 5-30 days Depends on Qty
Payment Terms : T/T, L/C, D/P, Western Union, PayPay Supply Ability : 1000m/day
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Share Filters
Certification: SGS Model Number: Nylon Filter Mesh JPP12-JPP510

Detail Information

Product Name: Nylon Filter Mesh Keywords: Nylon Filter Mesh For Powder Filtration
Material: Monofilament Nylon Yarns Micron Rating: 3μm-2000μm
Thread Diam: 30μm-1000μm Weave Type: Plain Weave, Twill Weave
Application: Powder Filtration
High Light:

Food Industry Nylon Filter Mesh


Abrasion Resistant Nylon Filter Mesh


Powder Filtration Micron Nylon Mesh

Product Description


Abrasion Resistant Nylon Filter Mesh For Powder Filtration In Food Industry


Share Nylon filter mesh is highly suitable for powder filtration applications in the food industry. The application of nylon filter mesh in powder filtration contributes to higher product quality by ensuring that the powder is free from unwanted elements that could impact taste, appearance, or texture. It helps maintain the desired standards and specifications for the end product. When used for filtering powders such as flour, powdered sugar, cocoa powder, and other fine powders, it offers several benefits:

  • Particle removal: Nylon filter mesh effectively traps and removes particles of various sizes from the powder. It can capture both large and small particles, ensuring that the final product is free from unwanted contaminants.
  • Fiber separation: In some powders, there may be fibers present that can affect the texture and quality of the end product. Nylon filter mesh with the appropriate mesh size can efficiently separate and remove these fibers, resulting in a smoother and more refined powder.
  • Impurity elimination: Powders can sometimes contain impurities or foreign matter that need to be eliminated. Nylon filter mesh acts as a barrier, preventing impurities from passing through, and ensuring a cleaner and purer final product.
  • Consistency and uniformity: By removing particles, fibers, and impurities, nylon filter mesh helps achieve a consistent and uniform powder texture. This is particularly important in applications where the powder's appearance, texture, and flow properties are crucial, such as in baking, confectionery, and beverage production.


Nylon Filter Mesh Specification Options


Yarn Monofilament (Single Filament), Multi-filament
Yarn Diameter From 30 micron to 1000 micron
Mesh Opening From 3 micron to 2000 micron
Open Area From 10% to 60%
Weave Type Plain Weave, Twill Weave and Satin Weave
Treatment Washing, Heat-setting, Calendaring, Water-repellent
Size Can slit or cut in custom dimension


Nylon filter mesh is available in various mesh sizes, allowing for customization based on the specific requirements of the powder filtration process. The mesh size determines the level of filtration precision, ensuring that the desired particles, fibers, and impurities are effectively removed while maintaining the desired powder characteristics.



The Benefit Features of Nylon Filter Mesh:


Abrasion Resistant Nylon Filter Mesh For Powder Filtration In Food Industry 0

 High tensile strength


 Abrasion resistant


 Resistance to alkali


 Precise and even mesh opening


 Light weight


Elasticity and flexibility


 Temperatures up to 100°C




 Soft, smooth feeling


 Easy cutting, dyeing, and cleaning



Nylon Filter Mesh Product Datasheet
Ref. No. Mesh Count Thread Diam. Mesh Opening Opening Area
  mesh/cm mesh/inch µm µm %
JPP5 5 12 500 1500 56
JPP6 6 16 400 1267 58
JPP7 7 18 350 1079 57
JPP8 8 20 350 900 52
JPP9 9 24 250 860 60
JPP10 10 25 300 700 49
JPP12 12 30 250 583 49
JPP12 12 30 300 533 41
JPP14 14 35 300 414 34
JPP16 16 40 200 425 46
JPP16 16 40 250 375 36
JPP20 20 50 150 350 49
JPP20 20 50 200 300 36
JPP24 24 60 150 267 41
JPP28 28 70 120 237 44
JPP30 30 76 120 213 41
JPP32 32 80 100 213 46
JPP36 36 90 100 178 41
JPP40 40 100 100 150 36
JPP43 43 110 80 152 43
JPP48 48 120 80 130 38
JPP56 56 140 60 120 44
JPP59 59 150 60 110 42
JPP64 64 160 60 100 37
JPP72 72 180 50 90 41
JPP80 80 200 50 75 36
JPP100 100 250 40 60 36
JPP120 120 305 40 43 25
JPP130 130 330 40 37 23
JPP140 140 355 30 38 33.7
JPP150 150 381 30 34 30.25
JPP165 165 420 30 28 20.7
JPP180 180 460 30 25 19.5
JPP200 200 510 30 16 10.2


Share has over 20 years of experience developing and manufacturing filter mesh and custom product solutions for our customer's screen and filtration needs. We can offer the filter meshes and filter components processing including slitting, cutting, punching, welding, sewing and mesh insert injection molding.


Nylon Filter Mesh in Rolls

nylon filter mesh

The width of nylon filter mesh rolls can be in 100cm, 127cm, 150cm, 160cm, 175cm, 183cm, 365cm or

other custom width.

Length can be 30m, 50m, 70m, or other custom length.



Nylon Filter Mesh in Narrow Strips

filter mesh ribbon
Share Filters ultrasonic slitting is also used for manufacturing fabric strips and produces a closed edge with
very little material build up at the edge.
Nylon Filter Mesh in Cutted Shapes.
filter mesh cut shapes
Our cutting method include Laser cutting, Cold cutting, Hot cutting, Slitting, Punching. Professional cutting
using custom made tools that will not damage the materials.
Nylon Filter Mesh In Tubes
Abrasion Resistant Nylon Filter Mesh For Powder Filtration In Food Industry 4
filter mesh tube
Sonic welding are accurate, clean. Lapping welding strength to some degree.
Custom Nylon Filter Mesh Bags
nylon mesh filter bag
For liquid food processing filtration operations, Share Filters has standard filter bags with galvanized steel
or plastic rings, which are sewn or welded, made of regenerable monofilament filter cloth from 3 micron to
2000 microns or felt from 0.5 microns to 200 microns.
Mesh Insert Plastic Injection Molded Filters
baking filter
Our injection moulded filters products consist of a synthetic filter mesh held in a polymer plastic frame,
allowing for a more robust part/product giving more reliability and longevity in its use.


Nylon Filter Mesh Production Process


Nylon filter mesh production process


About Us

Share has over 20 years of experience developing and manufacturing filter mesh and custom product solutions for our customer's screen and filtration needs. We can offer the filter mesh and filter components services including slitting, cutting, welding, sewing and injection molding. Our customer base comes from a wide variety of industriesincluding – Automotive, Home appliances, Food and beverage, Milling, Medical, Life Science and laboratory, Electronical as well as more general engineering, giving us a wealth of experience in many areas.



Nylon Filter Mesh Application in Industry


automotive filter healthcare filter appliance filter food beverage filter environment filter Chemical filter
Automotive Healthcare Appliance Food & Beverage Environment Chemical



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