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Oil Filters and Fuel Filters in Automotive

June 1, 2023


The oil filter is in charge of to filter out contaminants that have gotten into the engine oil. Screening out these pollutants minimizes the chance of engine parts wearing out.


The fuel filter's job is removing impurities from the fuel. Dust, paint, rust, and water particles are a few typical contaminants that end up in the fuel. These impurities can block and wear down the engine if they get into the engine system. 



Products Oil Filter Fuel Filter
Location Oil filters are located near the engine Fuel filters are located in the fuel system lines, fuel tank, and engine.
Kind Of Fluid Filtered The oil filter removes contaminants from engine oil The fuel filter removes contaminants from the fuel
Size Oil filters are made of the same size, regardless of the type. The size of fuel filters varies based on where they are located in the fuel system
Design An oil filter is a metal canister that holds foam that has been soaked in oil, and a jet plate that pumps raw oil into the canister chamber. Steel or an alloy of aluminum is used to make the oil filter. The housing and the filter element are the two main components of the fuel filter. Composites of carbon or plastic are used to create housing
Function Small particles including dirt, sand, metal shavings, and contaminants are captured and removed by an oil filter Large particles like carbon molecules that decrease engine performance are removed by a fuel filter

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